We think you are special. Most people are satisfied with the "gourmet" coffee beans they buy in the fancy, foil package with a distinctive label and a colorful name like like Mocha-Java Supreme, or Major Doolittle's Blend. Our customers have tended to be serious coffee aficionados.You will walk a long mile for a GOOD cup of coffee. BEST beans, BEST roasting methods, FASTEST delivery.

This page is for you, our regular customer. We intend to deliver a level of service beyond what you expect. We want to build a long, rewarding relationship with you based on our willingness to learn your preferences and tastes, and to consistently provide the freshest coffee bean, roasted the way you like it, delivered when and where you wish.

You have probably had a few sublime encounters with "the perfect cup". You know what you like. The highest quality, freshly roasted coffee bean is a colorful character. The range of expression is truly remarkable; deep - full bodied, light - snappy, smooth - buttery, winey, nutty, chocolatey... these are words used to describe this beverage we hold in such esteem. The presence of the ideal combination of these sensuous qualities in your cup depends upon factors beyond your control.

Happily, they are not beyond ours. There might be some who call us control freaks. Not a bad thing here. This is what it takes to deliver exceptional quality coffee. Critical control in the following areas is crucial: selection of the green bean, roasting, handling and delivery. (Please browse our site for more details.)

Like our roast machine and the building which surrounds it, this web site was custom crafted by the Scott Brothers. We want it to be among the best coffee sites you visit; good looking, fast, secure and interesting. You could help by sending any comments or suggestions you might have to: scottbroscoffee@gmail.com.

Thanks for helping to make us better.

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